On-site live video streaming, webcasting, and webinar service in Ontario.

We live broadcast high definition, fast, and secure event video over the internet to viewers all over the world.

We'll bring cameras and microphones to your event and capture everything as it happens. Our live streams play on any device and on any platform to an unlimited number of viewers. Everything is recorded and kept secure. Focus on planning your event and rest assured knowing your online audience will be impressed and engaged. 

This is a perfect solution if you're planning an event and want to increase your reach beyond the venue capacity.



Our video streams work on any computer, tablet, or mobile device browser and viewers will not need to install any specialized software. There is practically no limit to the number of viewers who can watch live. You'll be provided with a recording of the live stream following the event that you can use any way you wish - upload it to YouTube or host it for video-on-demand (VOD) playback.

Contact us if you would like more information about the live video services and features we provide. 

Web Platforms

The Web Platform is the website where viewers come to watch your live video content. To ensure the right delivery for your event, we can send a live video feed to virtually any web platform (or multiple platforms simultaneously). 

There are a few options to consider; if you're unsure, we'll help you choose the platform for your event to meet your live stream objectives.


Best for getting as many eyes on your live video as possible.

Public streams are usually free to use, visible to anyone on the internet, and can be searchable.

The major drawback to public type platforms is many organizations block websites like YouTube; you can also lose control of the content once it's uploaded (anyone could access, record, or re-purpose your live video content). Advertisements and other clutter can distract viewers.

Custom (2).png


Best when you want to control who get's access to the live stream, or when controlling the look and appearance of the viewing page/video player with your branding is important. 

Access can be controlled with master passwords, e-mail white-lists, or pay-per-view paywalls.

The customized platform is ideal for webinars, internal communications, AGMs, academic conferences, and private events.

Embed (2).png


The live video is hosted on your organization's website. We provide an embed code that can easily be inserted onto any website design. 

Many features of the Custom Platform such as controlled access and monetization, are also available on the embeded video player.

Get us in touch with your web developer and we'll handle the rest.  


Our Process

Whether this is your very first live event or just your first with us, we’ll walk you through exactly how the process works. Clear communication of goals and expectations is key to the success of your live event video, but it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. You’ll know exactly what we need from you, and when we’ll need it, with scheduled planning meetings and testing dates prior to the main event. Streaming with us is easy with a process that works for you.


Step 1:

Tell Us About Your Event

The first step to live video is telling us about your event, and specifically, what aspects of your event you would like live streamed. For example, What is the purpose of your event? Who will watch? How many people will attend? 

We'll use this information to prepare a cost estimate for our live video production services. To get the ball rolling, contact us or request a quote today.

Once you'd had a chance to review and approve our quote, we'll ask you to sign a service agreement and pay a retainer deposit to hold the event date in our schedule. We'll then begin planning for the video production. 


Step 2:

Planning for Event Video

At this stage, we'll schedule a planning meeting to go over all the finer details of your event. We'll also plan to tour the event venue to determine camera/microphone placement and test internet speeds.

The landing and viewing pages will be designed and built, along with any custom graphics. You'll be provided with a URL link to access the live video that you can share with your audience.

We'll ask you to provide a detailed event agenda, PowerPoint files, polling questions, digital graphics/logos, and any other digital media files that will appear in the live stream.

If there is a coordinated effort between other A/V crews, online moderators, and on-stage presenters/performers, we'll establish communication to ensure everyone involved is aware of what to expect when the cameras go live. 


Step 3:

Testing, and More Testing

This is the most important step in ensuring things go smooth when we go live.  Think of this stage as the 'dress rehearsal'. Prior to your event, we'll arrive at the venue to setup and test all the equipment to make sure everything is functional. We'll also plan backups and redundancies just in case they are needed.  

We can also opt to send a test stream to select viewers to ensure they're receiving the video feed in full quality.


Step 4:

Go Live!

The fun begins! All the planning has paid off and your audience is wow'd and engaged with your live stream. 

Viewers can ask questions, answer polls, and chat with others while enjoying the event in high quality audio and video. 


Step 5:

Post-Event Recap and Analytics

Congratulations, you've successful pulled off a stellar event! Afterwards, we'll provide you with a recording of the live stream. We can also host an event replay so that people who missed it live still have a chance to watch.

We'll also provide you detailed analytics about who attended, what time they arrived, and how long they watched for, along with exports of any chat logs and polling question results. You can use this data to plan your next big event.

Sample Video

Click on the play button below to preview a previously recorded live stream with PowerPoint integration, using our white-label web platform. 

Customer Testimonial 

RIA Logo.png
Working with Matt at Barn Door Creative has been an easy process right from the start – it’s like he’s part of our team! He took the time to understand our needs, make suggestions, and is very detail-oriented. He delivers an innovative live streaming service that helps us reach increasingly more people and organizations we want to connect with and support.
— Kate Ducak, Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging / Schlegel Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care